Our Constitution is comprised of two documents: the Memorandum of Association and the By-Laws

View the current Memorandum of Association.

View the current By-Laws (adopted by Special Resolution at our Annual Meeting on October 3, 2020 and approved by the NS Registry of Joint Stocks on December 16, 2020)

Policy Documents

To date, the CABF has adopted three policy statements.

These documents enable the granting of CABF Association licenses and the establishment of ordination councils. They also provide the procedure through which clergy accredited by other religious bodies acceptable to the CABF may be granted accreditation by the CABF. A third policy outlines the conditions under which authorization to perform marriages may be sought. As these policies are put into practice, revisions will most likely have to be made.

    1. The Credentials Committee.. Passed at the Annual General Meeting on the 28th of September, 2013, this policy established the Credential Committee and sets out the procedures by which the Credentials Committee functions in granting and overseeing accreditation. Click here for an Application Form for those seeking accreditation with the CABF. Click here for an Application Form for those seeking accreditation prior to upcoming ordinaion in a CABF Church.

    2. Procedures for Ordination. Passed February 28, 2015, this policy establishes the procedure for ordination. 

    3. Authorization to Conduct Marriages. The third document establishes a policy for recommending authorization to conduct marriages. It was passed at a business session during the Rushton Lecture and Luncheon on June 6, 2015. 

Further integration of these three documents is required.

Policy and Procedures Manual

A Draft Policies and Procedures Manual was accepted by Council on 3 November 2021, and is therefore now in force. This decision will be ratified by the membership at the next meeting of members.

Please note that the Policies and Procedures Manual is a more detailed document that gets its authority from the CABF By-Laws, which are posted on the CABF Website Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms - Constitution and Policies (c-abf.ca). We recognize that the P&P Manual is still a work in progress and sections will be expanded or updated. Work by some committees on documentation (regulations, policies, forms, procedures, etc.) to fill in the spaces is underway. Below is the link to the Manual.

Policy and Procedures Manual

Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework adopted on 5 October 2019.