(The Officers, Bulletin Editor, Committee Chairs and Members-at-large are the voting members of the CABF Council and Directors of the CABF Society under the Societies Act of NS.)



LeePresident - Lee Nicholas Pattillo (2021)
Halifax, NS



JTPast President - Rev. John Tonks (2021)
Great Village, NS


MarleneVice President - Rev. Marlene Knowles (2021)
Bedford, NS


David AllenTreasurer - David Allen (2021),
Mahone Bay, NS


Secretary - Sheila Stanley (2021)
Halifax, NS

Bulletin Editor

Rev. Dr. Scott Kindred-Barnes (2020)
Wolfville, NS

Council - Members-at-Large

Harriett McCready (2020), Parrsoboro, NS
Pastor Vicki Brown (2021), Bayside, NS
Rev. Hugh Kirkegaard (2022), Halifax, NS

Pastor Rick Manuel (2022), Summerville, NS

Committees (2020)

Bulletin – Rev. Dr. Don Flowers, Port Williams, NS, Chair
Rev. Dr. Scott Kindred-Barnes, Wolfville, NS, Editor

Constitution - David Gibson, Halifax, NS, Chair
Rev. Dr. John Churchill, Port Williams, NS
Gary Nelson, Falmouth, NS (consultant)


ChurchillRev. Dr. John Churchill, Chair

Port Williams, NS

Rev. John E. Boyd, Halifax, NS
Rev. Dr. Rusty Edwards, Halifax, NS
Marilyn Peers, Halifax, NS
President (ex officio)

Finance - Rev. Dr. Dan Green, Amherst, NS, Chair
David Allen, Mahone Bay, NS, Treasurer
James Stanley, Halifax, NS

Membership - Joyce Allen, Mahone Bay, NS, Chair
David Allen, Mahone Bay, NS

Nominating - Rev. John Tonks, Chair
Rev. John E. Boyd, Halifax, NS
Joyce Allen, Mahone Bay, NS

Program -

Rev. Jeff White, Digby, NS, Chair
J. Adam Boyd, Wolfville, NS
Lana Churchill, Port Williams, NS
Susan Demont, Wolfville, NS
Rev. Dr. Don Flowers, Port Williams, NS

Website -

John BoydRev. John E. Boyd, Chair

Halifax, NS

Rev. Jenny Drewitz, Halifax, NS, Facebook Manager


Alliance of Baptists - Lee Nicholas-Pattillo, Halifax, NS

Canadian Council of Churches - Rev. Bert Radford, Burlington, ON