Baptist Beliefs

  • Basic Baptist Beliefs by Dr. Gordon C. Warren.
  • In 1969 the United Baptist Convention of the Atlantic Provinces (now Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada) published a pamphlet entitled A Capsule of Information on the Baptists, available here.
  • Reg Dunn a former minister of First Baptist Church Amherst and Frank Sinnott who held pastorates throughout the maritimes discuss their beliefs about what it is to be Baptist. The articles were foundational to the establishment of the (C)ABF and express clearly the essence of our Baptist beliefs and freedoms. The article by Regg Dunn was the major article in the first Bulletin edited by I J Levy, (not dated, but published prior to the fall of 1976).
  • In 1982, Dr. Philip G.A. Griffin -Allwood published a brief history of the origins of the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship and its purposes. (With later revisions.) 

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