The CABF was organized in 1971 as the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship by individuals and Churches who wanted to bear witness to the historic Baptist principles of freedom and to continue involvement with non-Baptist communions in joint worship, social action and ecumenical discussions. The name change came with incorporation in 2012.

The Memorandum of Association clearly states our objectives:

1. To witness to the freedom implicit in the voluntary principle in religion, which is a fundamental tenet of historic Baptist identity.

2. To affirm and celebrate Baptist participation in, and witness to, the whole visible, catholic and evangelical church of Jesus Christ; 

3. To promote peace and understanding amongst people of all faiths; 

4. To provide a forum for the discussion of doctrinal and ethical questions, and social issues and policies in that spirit of tolerance and mutual respect which issues from Christian love; 

5. To bear witness to these objectives with and among Baptists regionally as well as nationally and internationally;

6. To provide accreditation for ordained ministers and chaplains and for lay ministers;

7. To provide support to member churches and to churches that are considering membership in the association;

8. To associate and co-operate with other like-minded organizations;

9. To acquire by way of grant, gift, purchase, bequest, devise or otherwise, real and personal property and to use and apply such property to the realization of the objectives of the Association;

10. To buy, own, hold, lease, mortgage, sell and convey such real and personal property as may be necessary or desirable in the carrying out of the objectives of the Association. Provided that:

- The Association shall not carry on any trade, industry, or business;

- All funds shall be used solely for the purposes of the Association and the promotion of its objectives;

- If the Association is terminated, wound up or dissolved and, after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, there remains any property whatsoever, the same shall be paid to some other charitable organization in Canada having objectives similar to those of the Association and which is a qualified donee within the meaning of subsection 248(1) of the Income Tax Act.

The activities of the Association are to be carried on in Canada.   The Registered Office of the Association is located at First Baptist Church Halifax, 1300 Oxford Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 3Y8. 

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