Gathering News

Our colleagues in the Gathering of Baptists are organizing a special presentation on issues around becoming a "welcoming and affirming" congregation for LGBTQ+ persons. Dr. David Gusher, a Baptist ethicist, will be the presenter for this ZOOM-based event on September 26/20. See details here.

Proposed Amendments to the By-Laws 

for the Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms (CABF)

Our Constitution and Governance Committee has been working on updating our By-Laws, and presented its recommendations to the CABF Council at its Zoom Meeting on June 30, 2020.  It was decided that it was time to circulate the proposed changes to the entire membership in preparation for voting on them at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday, October 3, 2020.

A copy of the present By-Laws with the proposed amendments noted in Microsoft Word Markup format is available here.  A copy in PDF format is available here

A summary with background and listing of the proposed amendments has also been produced, with rationale or comment provided for each.  We hope that this will be useful in reviewing what is proposed. This summary in Microsoft Word format is available here. A copy in PDF format is available here

If there are questions or comments you would like to make regarding any of the proposed amendments, please forward them to Dave Gibson's email: davegibson at He will respond or take them to the committee as required.

Dave Gibson, Chair
Constitution and Governance Committee

Lee Nicholas-Pattillo, President
Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms

Notice of Motion:

Notice of Motion is hereby given that the vote on the proposed amendments to the By-Laws of the Canadian Association of Baptist Freedoms will be presented as a Special Resolution at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday, October 3, 2020.  Being a Special Resolution, it will require at least three quarters (3/4) of the individual members and delegates from member churches present to vote in favour for the resolution to pass.