Our Current Council

(The Officers, Bulletin Editor, Committee Chairs and Members-at-large are the voting members of the CABF Council and Directors of the CABF Society under the Societies Act of NS.)


President - Lee Nicholas Pattillo (2019), Halifax, NS. Email: LeeN-P

Past President - Rev. John Tonks (2019), Great Village, NS. Email: JohnT

Vice President - Lic. Richard Manuel (2019), Summerville, NS. Email: RichardM

Treasurer - David Allen (2019), PO Box 217,  Mahone Bay, NS B0J 2E0 Email: DavidA

Secretary - Edward Colquhoun (2019), Amherst, NS. Email: EdC

Bulletin Editor

Rev. Dr. Roger Prentice, Wolfville, NS. Email: RogerP


Bulletin – Rev. Bert Radford, Burlington, NS, Chair. Email: BertR
Rev. Dr. Roger Prentice, Wolfville, Editor.

Constitution - Sheila Stanley, Halifax, NS, Chair. Email: SheilaS
Rev. Dr. John Churchill, Port Williams, NS
Gary Nelson, Falmouth, NS
David Gibson, Halifax, NS

Credentials - Rev. Dr. John Churchill, Port Williams, NS, Chair. Email: JohnC
Rev. John E. Boyd, Halifax, NS
Rev. Dr. Rusty Edwards, Halifax, NS
Marilyn Peers, Halifax, NS
President (ex officio)

Finance - Rev. Dr. Dan Green, Amherst, NS, Chair
David Allen, Mahone Bay, NS, Treasurer
James Stanley, Halifax, NS

Membership - Joyce Allen, Mahone Bay, NS, Chair. Email: JoyceA
David Allen, Mahone Bay, NS

Nominating - Rev. John Tonks, Chair. Email: JohnT
Rev. John E. Boyd, Halifax, NS
Lee Nicholas Pattillo, Halifax, NS

Program - Rev. Jenny Drewitz, Halifax, NS, Chair. Email: JennyD
J. Adam Boyd, Wolfville, NS
Lana Churchill, Port Williams, NS
Rev. Pamela Estey, Halifax, NS
Rev. Jeff White, Digby, NS

Website - Rev. John E. Boyd, Halifax, NS, Chair. Email: JohnB
Rev. Jenny Drewitz, Halifax, NS, Facebook Manager. Email: JennyD

Council - Members-at-Large

Lic. Vicki Brown (2018), Bayside, NS. Email: VickiB
Rev. Hugh Kirkegaard (2019), Halifax, NS. Email: HughK
Rev. Dr. Joao Matwawana (2019), Lower Sackville, NS. Email: JoaoM
Rev. Marlene Knowles (2020), Bedford, NS. Email: MarleneK


Alliance of Baptists - Lee Nicholas-Pattillo, Halifax, NS

Canadian Council of Churches - Ed Colquhoun, Amherst, NS