The CABF was formerly known as the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship for more than 40 years. Because of the great affection for the ABF, many will continue to refer to it as that. The ABF was formed in 1971 by members of the United Baptist Convention of the Atlantic Provinces, who wanted to witness to historic Baptist principles of freedom and to continue involvement with non-Baptist communions in joint worship, social action and ecumenical discussions. 

Combined meeting of the CABF and the Gathering of Baptists to be held in Ottawa April 28 - 29, 2017.

This first meeting of two like-minded groups will be held at First Baptist Church, Ottawa with the theme: Into the next 150 years The event will begin with a meal on Friday evening and conclude with lunch on Saturday.

The Gathering of Baptists was founded in the early 1990s by concerned laypeople and clergy within the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec, who felt a need to maintain contact with others who held to similar principles and understanding of what it is to be "Baptist." The mandate of the Gathering of Baptists is to create open discussion (for exploration and correction) in our search to think, to love and to minister in harmony with God's will.

If you plan to attend, please pre-register with Gary Caldwell.

For additional information click here, check The Gathering of Baptists website, or contact Fred Demaray.


The Speaker at the Rushton Lecutre on June 3 will be The Reverend Lynn Uzans, Transition Minister at Frist Baptist Church Halifax (FBCH). Lynn, an ordained Anglican priest, has been providing pastoral leadership at FBCH since January 2016.

Her topic will be An Anglican in Baptist Circles.

The Lecture/Luncheon will be held on June 3 at the Port Williams United Baptist Church. More detials will follow.



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Annual General Meeting - Business

Two notices of motion were moved and passed.

In article 18, minutes of any special meetings between Annual General Meetings was added as business to be dealt with at AGMs.

In article 28 that outlines the composition of Council, provision were made for four Members-at-Large. Rev. Hugh Kirkegarrd was elected as a member-at-large. The Council will appoint 3 more members. Lic. Rick Manuel was elected as Interim Chair of the Program Committee, with a seat on Council. 

Lic. David Csinos, Assistant Professor of Practical theology at the Atlantic School of Theology and member of First Baptist Church Halifax was granted a CABF License to Minister.