The CABF was formerly known as the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship for more than 40 years. Because of the great affection for the ABF, many will continue to refer to it as that. The ABF was formed in 1971 by members of the United Baptist Convention of the Atlantic Provinces, who wanted to witness to historic Baptist principles of freedom and to continue involvement with non-Baptist communions in joint worship, social action and ecumenical discussions. 

Our incorporation in 2012 necessitated the name change. The preamble to our By-Laws further outlines our intentions:

Being led as we believe by the Holy Spirit, who moves with renewing power among Christians in all denominational traditions;

  • And as Baptists committed to preserving and celebrating our historic freedoms;
  • And desiring to associate ourselves in a fellowship which seeks to experience and express both personally and in the corporate life of our Churches that freedom in which Christ makes us free;
  • And further desiring to continue the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship, initially established November 20, 1971....By-Laws